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rischio idrogeologico ed inquinamento di aria ed acqua ( prevalentemente per settore Lapideo)

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Aggiunto 2017-09-20 15:14:20

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Brevetto n. 102017000029104
Punti di forza in relazione al settore e/o al mercato di riferimento innovazioni tecnologiche confermate da incontri istituzionali con organi di controllo regionali ARPAT ed aziende sanitarie USL, INAIL, determinanti per la concessione delle autorizzazioni all'escavazione
Obiettivi che si intendono realizzare vendita o licenza di utilizzo
Descrizione in Inglese The QUARRY SAFETY project, with attached patent application, consists of a kit of tools that can be used individually and together to be used to monitor the environment from the point of view of hydrogeological and pollution risk and to warn in time realistic users of these changes, giving them the opportunity to act accordingly, to avoid any risk, and in the case of pollution, to face the immediate problem. It differs from other technologies present in some construction specifications, calculation algorithms and functions, and in the field of mining, these tools are very specific for those particular monitoring, in particular environmental conditions, taking into account the engineering specifications considered. A proper clarification comes from the fact that in commerce are located sensors and in general elements technology not protected by any patent, the the road that has been undertaken in this project also wants to keep account of all legal protection in force, for the purpose of both protection than marketing marketing. With this project, all legislative compliance related to environmental monitoring is well attended. In order to verify the viability of this project, we have been able to provide information to institutions at all levels, health control bodies, regional agencies and workplace prevention, and even INAIL, and receive prompt appointments for the project presentations, and recording a lot of interest in it. Last but not least, the emphasis we have to underline, given the potential for successful implementation of the project, concerns the motivation that motivates us to opt for the sale or licensing of the whole project, including all the collection data, prototypes, constructive specifications, and various operating algorithms. The reason for this decision is justified by our social status, which is why we are both employees, university students and young people under the age of 30. Creating a start up or a form of business creation is difficult for us to implement, considering the necessary fulfillment and our life-spans interests.


Lucca, Toscana, Italy, Europe



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